Kempton performs both close-up and stage magic,
and is currently the youngest member of the Portsmouth & District Magic Circle.

Not limiting himself only to a pack of cards, he can often be seen changing paper into money, making a named coin simply disappear from a spectator’s closed hand, or even putting a chosen chocolate bar inside a drinks can!

All of which can be seen on his Youtube series ‘Sharing The Impossible’,
along with his regular Instagram video posts.

Kempton Magician

Do You Believe In Magic?

Growing up with a huge interest in magic and illusion, Kempton would watch performers such as Penn & Teller, Lance Burton and David Copperfield.

Later on he discovered illusionists such as Derren Brown, David Blaine and Dynamo, who were a huge inspiration and influence for him.

Not dissimilar to a lot of magicians, his first introduction into performing any form of magic was courtesy of a Paul Daniels magic set - although it wouldn’t be for many years later until he would pursue magic as a performer.

Seeing the looks on the faces of the people I’m performing for is incredible!

The reactions, confusion and amazement magic can bring is something which I can never seem to get used to whenever I have performed for someone.

Being able to make someone’s day better is always such a valuable bonus for me!

Kempton Magician


Available to book in both the Portsmouth and Braintree, Essex areas. Other areas considered.

For enquiries please email: info@kemptonmagician.com